Counter Attack Mental Health 

A review of current literature indicates that people who participate in sports clubs and organised recreational activity enjoy better mental health, are more alert, and more resilient against the stresses of modern living. Participation in recreational groups and socially supported physical activity is shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


Just because someone participates in sport doesn't mean they're immune to mental health issues or those close to them.

WPNSW believes that as a community of 7000 members we have the opportunity to raise the awarness of Mental Health illnesses and start to empower conversations. We hope to counter the stigma that mental health illness have in many communities. Stigma around Mental Health Illness are often classified into 3 categories, problems of knowledge (ignorance or misinformation), problems of attitude (prejudice), and problems of behaviour (discrimination). We as a community can take the positive steps to change this!

This season with the support of NSW Health we are able all members the opportuntiy complete the Mental Health First Aid training course free of charge. If you are interested in learning more and wish to register your interest follow the link below to our Mental Health First Aid page and EOI survey.

Mental Health First Aid

EOI Survey  (You need to be a registered member to access)



Saturday 5 November 2022


Drummoyne Swimming Centre Wangal Country



Women Sydney Northern Beaches  vs ACU Cronulla 
15:00 Women UTS Balmain vs Sydney University
16:45 Women UNSW Wests vs Drummoyne
17:30   Talk with Vince Kelly on Mental Health Illness via Cluch
17:45 Men Canberra vs ACU Cronulla
19:00 Men UTS Balmain vs Sydney University
20:15 Men UNSW Wests vs Drummoyne


Past Sydney Super League seasons champions and honours




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