Fun Fit - Women's Social Polo

Fun Fit is a women's only social water polo program that allows women to participate in water polo in a non-judgmental, non-contact and non- competitive environment. Come and give it a try with us!

“After playing in the only Water Polo competition available in my local area, Women's B, I came away knowing there had to be something else available that bridged the gap between people new to Water Polo like myself, and competitive B grade. I found two things: - Nothing was available; and, I wasn’t the only one who wanted that something else. So, I designed FunFit Polo”  - Kellie Boettcher – Designer of Fun Fit Polo 

“Fun Fit Water Polo was designed for women who have never played before and may have been nervous to try for fear it was too physical. We provide a program where they can learn the game using water polo drills to increase their fitness levels in a non-competitive, more relaxed environment. Our Fun Fit ladies ages range from 18 to 74 years and every week they turn up eager to get in the pool and learn a new skill.”  Megan Sutherland - Coach 

“As an unfit mum of three, who last played competitive sport over 20 years ago. I’ve always loved swimming but had never played or even watched a game of water polo before. I jumped at the opportunity to join, as a way to get fit, have fun, meet people, and do something for me. I am so glad I did. It’s the best fun I’ve had in a long while. I may not be fit yet, but I’ve made new friends and I’m having the best time.”  - Participant


Term 2 Dates and Registrations will be avaliable soon!