Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Fees

How do I know which membership category is right for me?

The higher the level of membership category the more value you receive. However, check the benefits and limitations regarding activity and competition permissions for each category and choose the right level for the type of activity you wish to participate in this year. And don't worry, you can always upgrade throughout the year if you decide to do more activity later on!

What do I get for my membership fees?

Memberships provide members with a range of benefits, at a club, state and national level. View information on WPNSW and WPA capitation fees here

Note, clubs fees are separate to WPNSW and WPA capitation fees, and are set by Clubs.

Why is what my club charges me, more than what WPA and WPNSW charges per category?

The membership fee you pay is made up of three levels, one part to WPA, one part to WPNSW and one part to your Club. The consistent amount for you is the WPNSW and WPA component, based on your category, however the Club component varies across NSW depending on the membership inclusions. Please speak directly to your Club for more details.

What is a Formal Competition?

Formal Competitions are defined as those where three or more of the following criteria apply:

  • match points, competition ladder and finals
  • formal competition rules or manual and eligibility rules
  • relatively fixed teams from week to week
  • official referees allocated
  • the competition is managed by WPNSW or WPA
  • the number of games or weeks played and the standard of competition, or the competitiveness of the participants is not a factor in this definition

What is an Informal Event?

Informal Events are defined as those that have less than three of the criteria listed for Formal Competitions. States may apply to WPA for a new competition to be granted Informal Event status, if it can be demonstrated by the organiser that at least 50% of the participants will be new to the sport.

I'm a volunteer coach / referee that doesn't play in Formal Competitions, only play in Informal Events - can I just be a Bronze or Silver member?

You could, however you would then lose your ability to access some of the Learning and Development opportunities and material and will be limited in the coaching roles you can hold or competitions you can referee. The Gold or Platinum categories would be best for you!

I'm a volunteer and a player - what category should I be?

If you would like to play in Formal Competitions, you will need to be a Platinum Member, but if you would like to play in Informal Events only, you could be a Silver Member.

I'm a junior club player who plays in a school competition - which category am I?

Your junior Club competition would be considered a Formal Competition, so you would therefore need to be a Platinum member. This would allow you to play for your Club and your school and also learn to do some refereeing as well to earn some pocket money.


General Membership

How do I register to play water polo?

Visit the Club Finder on the WPNSW website.

I can't remember my login details.

Select 'Forgot your details' under the login page and follow the prompts.