National Integrity Framework

With effect 01 July 2022 Water Polo NSW (WPNSW) adopted the National Integrity Framework (NIF).

NIF is a set of rules that all members of a sport need to follow when it comes to their behaviour and conduct in sport.  

Threats to sports integrity include things like illicit drug use, doping, competition manipulation and behaviours that impact people's positive experience of sport, such as discrimination or abuse. 

Integrity in sport means athletes, supporters and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, fair and inclusive environment.

Water Polo takes integrity seriously.

All WPNSW members and participants have an obligation to protect and maintain the integrity of our sport.

Sport Integrity Australia is the national agency established to protect sport against integrity threats. 

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Core policies, including the National Integrity Framework Policies, can be accessed below:

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