Empowering Leaders in Water Polo with Funded Conscious Negotiator Courses

Published Mon 08 Jul 2024

Water Polo NSW (WPNSW) is committed to supporting its women and gender diverse leaders by investing in opportunities that help them grow and develop. They are coaches, referees, and volunteers within our community who dedicate their time and energy to nurturing talent and fostering a love for our sport.

 But to truly thrive and lead effectively, ongoing professional development is essential. That’s why we’re offering the opportunity for two women or gender diverse people to participate in the game-changing Conscious Negotiator course. Let’s dive into why this course is so important and how it can transform your experience in water polo.

The Importance of Professional Development for Women and Gender Diverse Leaders in Sport

 Professional development is not just about gaining new skills; it’s about empowerment and growth. For coaches, referees, or volunteers in water polo in New South Wales, continuous learning is vital. These roles are demanding and often come with unique challenges that require more than just passion for our sport.

 Women and gender diverse people in these positions face hurdles such as gender biases and balancing multiple responsibilities. Professional development courses can provide the tools needed to overcome these challenges, boosting confidence and effectiveness.

 Professional Development Course Overview

WPNSW has identified the Conscious Negotiator course, facilitated by The Other Side of the Table, as specifically designed to address these needs. This course aims to enhance negotiation skills, improve communication, and build confidence among women and gender diverse leaders in water polo. These skills are not only crucial in the sports arena but also beneficial in various aspects of leadership and personal development.

Benefits of the Course

 The objectives of this course are closely aligned with the needs of our water polo coaches, referees and volunteers. Improved negotiation skills can help coaches secure better resources for their teams, referees to uphold credibility of the game more effectively, and volunteers to advocate for their roles and contributions. By enhancing communication skills, participants can better convey their ideas, inspire their teams, and create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

 Building confidence is another key focus of the course. Confident leaders are more likely to take on new challenges, drive innovation, and influence positive change within their clubs and the wider community. This course is a stepping stone to advancing pathways in water polo, providing participants with the skills to rise to higher positions and make a more significant impact.

 Acknowledgment of Support

 This incredible opportunity is made possible thanks to the NSW Office of Sport, which has funded this course through the Her Sport Her Way grant. The WPNSW Her Sport Her Way project, Girls Making Waves, is dedicated to empowering women and girls in water polo, and this grant supports that mission by providing essential professional development resources.

Success Stories and Testimonials

 Past participants of the Conscious Negotiator course have shared their success stories. For instance, Pip Pipkin, Assistant Coach at NSW Institute of Sport and WPNSW Talent Head Coach, noted how the communication skills they learned helped them manage conversations more effectively. “I can now handle tense situations with calm and clarity, and structure conversations to get the best outcome for myself and the other parties. Working with Sam and Sarah across this course has shifted my view on these interactions from confrontation to confident negotiation,” they shared.

 Another success story comes from Laura Redgrove, a member of Tamworth Water Polo, a referee and a WPNSW Board Director, who found that improved communication skills helped her negotiate conflicts and difficult conversations more effectively. “By completing the Conscious Negotiator course I now have strategies I can use to help organise my thoughts and plan on how to have difficult conversations, especially those that I am passionate about. This has earned me respect from players, coaches, staff and directors,” she shared.

 These testimonials highlight the transformative power of the Conscious Negotiator course. The positive impact extends beyond water polo, as many participants also reported increased confidence and better communication in their personal lives.

What’s Involved

 If you’re a woman or gender-diverse person 28 years+ who coaches, referees, or volunteers in water polo in NSW, don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow and thrive. There are two fully funded spaces available (valued at $3,245 each).

 Applying for the Conscious Negotiator course is straightforward:

      Visit our website and fill out the EOI form

      Submit it before the deadline on 26th July.

 The two successful participants will be notified by 9th August 2024 and secure a spot in the next program that commences on 4th September 2024. The course is run completely online.

 Details include:

      5 x 90 min online live weekly sessions from 9.15am to 10.45am

      The five sessions are held weekly, Wednesday 4th Sept to Wednesday 2nd October 2024

Empower Your Leadership Journey Today

 By offering initiatives like the Conscious Negotiator course, WPNSW demonstrates its dedication to fostering an environment where women and gender diverse people can thrive, lead, and make substantial contributions to their clubs and our sport.

 From improving negotiation and communication skills to building confidence, this course is designed to empower our people and help them excel in their roles as coaches, referees and volunteers. Stepping into leadership positions in water polo will not only enrich their own lives but also contribute significantly to our sport and communities.

 Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Take the leap, invest in your professional development, and express your interest in the Conscious Negotiator course today!