Water Polo set to return to Parramatta's Aquatic Centre

Published Mon 25 Sep 2023

The eagerly awaited Parramatta Aquatic Centre opens its doors today, with outstanding features and a much needed facility for our water polo community.

Parramatta Aquatic Centre

One of the most exciting prospects of the Parramatta Aquatic Centre is its potential to become a hub for water polo. With its brand new facilities, WPNSW is looking forward to seeing water polo back in action, from our introductory participation programs, through to training and Division 2 games.

David Marks, former President of Parramatta Water Polo Club, past President of WPNSW and WPNSW Life Member, has welcomed the news on the opening of the Parramatta Aquatic Centre.

'It's heartening to once again have the use of a centralised facility, to be able to play games at a home pool and to re-establish the successful junior programs, which in the past have produced several Olympians, Marks said.

Local schools will also benefit being able to access a local aquatic centre and hopefully we can encourage more water polo players,' he added. 

Parramatta Aquatic Centre opens

Water polo fosters teamwork, fitness and friendship, making it a fantastic sport for people of all ages. Access to this aquatic centre creates an opportunity for Parramatta's budding water polo stars to shine.

Where: Parramatta Aquatic Centre, 7A Park Parade, Parramatta.

When: Open to the public from 2pm 25 September 2023

Parramatta Water Polo Club